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Queen of Swords

Moving beyond traditional swordwork, we will use the sword as a method of directing power. A symbol of wisdom, protection, and fierce purification, the sword will be wielded by the dancer as Apocalyptic Warrior Priestess. She cuts away masks through the power of mind combined with the grace and strength of the body. We will begin with bodywork designed to condition, strengthen and engage mind and muscles. Swordwork will be combined with combinations, layers, flash turns, locks and stops. Th
e archetype of the Swordswoman and Warrior will be called into being through dark fusion bellydance.

Please bring a balanced bellydance sword. Extra swords to borrow are very limited. Space is also limited for this intensive workshop, due to the nature of the work. Register as soon as you can. 

Register now:

Dark Goddess Masque! June 9th

Dark Goddess Masque | Aepril Schaile

Imagine an evening of lush mystery... a dimly lit mansion full of exotic delights... people swirling about in strangely lovely attire, all hidden with masks... who was that? Ah! The mystery of it all. Entertainments to enliven the heart, decadent morsels and wine to tempt the lips. Secret, hidden rooms full of wonder... a wink, and you may enter...

Darkly decadent AND sacred space for celebration and prosperity. Think the Masque from Labyrinth, from Legend, Moulin Rouge, Kushiel's Dart... Dark Goddess...to know the seduction and cruelty of the Dark, embracing it like a lover. The flowering that comes from the dark soil of the earth, like Persephone from Dark Lord Hades... beautiful Hecate at the fire-lit Crossroads...Dark Aphrodite...Seductress Lilith...Isis, Ishtar...

This is...
... The Dark Goddess Masque.

A darkly sensual masquerade to raise funds to complete Aepril Schaile's bellydance DVD, Theatre of the Dark Goddess. 

Bellydance, burlesque, music, firedance, tarot readings, massage, and a special room of Dark Goddess Delights (you'll have to see...). Silent auction, contests (including "best dressed"), and prizes. 

Performances by Vadalna Tribal Dance Co., Sarah Jezebel Wood, Deidre Anaid (all the way from CA!) Jason Cohen, Th' Bones and Roses Circus Sideshow, Aepril Schaile, and more announced soon. Entertainments MCd by the Lady Rose.

Attire: Masked, dark Tribal/Formal. Creatively interpret. 

Tickets: $25 in advance, $35 at the door includes hors d'oeuvres and entertainment. 

Advance Tickets: http://aeprilschaile.com/dark-goddess-masque/



Thursdays, July 14 – August 4
At Serendipitish on Artist's Row, Salem, MA
(24 Derby St., across from Walgreen's)
Level I: 6:00 – 7:00pm
Level II: 7:15 – 8:15pm

Bellydance Movement Fundamentals (Level I)

Learn the elegant, sensual, and sacred art of Bellydance! Get in shape,
developmore confidence, and increase your mystique! Learning basic Bellydance
vocabulary with an emphasis on dramatic expression, technical precision, and a
delightfully dark feel. Core strength development and basic form through drills
and body awareness exercises. No prior experience necessary!

Bellydance and Beyond (Level II): Bellydance / Ritual-Theatre / Performance Art

Go further into the dramatic and theatrical aspects of bellydance, with a
darkerflavor. Build on basic form, grace, strength and presence with drills,
combinations, layers and choreography. Further develop your movement vocabulary
and technical precision while also working with story, mood, and myth. Integrate
dramatic meaning and ritual, developing dual awareness needed toward becoming an
initiated dancer of the Aepril Schaile Method of dance.

* Requires pre-approval by the instructor; please email Aepril to find out
ifthis class is right for you.




Just 5 more days to go!


Theatre of the Dark Goddess: Bellydance with Aepril Schaile

A Bellydance instructional/performance DVD focusing on dance technique, form, expression, energy and ritual.

Aepril is thrilled to announce her new self-produced DVD to bring you her unique approach to Bellydance! Help make it happen! 

Contribute by visiting our Kickstarter page with lots of great REWARDS for pledging. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/aepril/theatre-of-the-dark-goddess-bellydance-with-aepril Get in on this now!

… is a holistic combination of elements, both ancient and contemporary, the integration of which comprises the Aepril Schaile Mysterie School of Dance. Aepril has taught hundreds of students internationally over the course of several years; her students are recognizable for their graceful and powerful stage presence, unique and dramatic creative expression, and ethereal yet precise and sharp form. Your own dance and creative power will be strengthened, refined and deepened by the methods in this DVD.

The Temple of Ritual Dance
Sat, March 12, 1:00-3:00pm
Omen, Salem, MA
Learn the magickal art of ritual dance with Aepril Schaile! Theatre, dance and ritual all come from the same ancient, eternal source. Come to know the elemental spirits, the gods and goddesses, the archetypes of magick and mystery through movement. We'll use moving meditation, guided journeying, energy work, creative visualization and improvisation. No dance experience necessary. Open to all ages and genders.